Leading curriculum development


Explore these resources. The materials have been developed by and for headteachers to stimulate discussion about what makes an outstanding school curriculum. Investigate how a well designed curriculum can provide opportunities to innovate, raise standards and, most importantly, excite and inspire children and their teachers.

What makes a great curriculum?Curriculum/Curriculum.html
Viewpoints and issuesViewpoints/Viewpoints.html
How good is our current curriculum?Curriculum/Entries/2013/1/1_How_good_is_our_current_curriculum.html
How can learning be organised?Organising/Organising.html
What inspires you?Viewpoints/Viewpoints.html
Activities to get you talking.Workshop_Activities/Workshop_Activities.html
What are the implications for leadership?Leadership/Leadership.html
DfE Documentation and consultationDfE/DfE.html