Module overview:

Academies online resource

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Introduction and overview

This section gives an overview of the Academies resource content.

Academies and the national education landscape

This section clarifies the definition of 'academy' and explains how academies differ from other schools. It also sets out where academies fit in the government's education strategy, and their role in building a self-improving system.

Readiness for change

What does your school need to become an academy? Which schools are eligible? How would your students benefit? This section will help you explore these issues. It also looks at how to develop the vision for an academy, and how to assess the benefits of working in partnership or going it alone.

Academy models and governance structures

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to becoming an academy. In this section, we explain the range of leadership models and governance structures that have emerged to date.

Becoming an academy

This section takes you through the process of your school becoming an academy, drawing on the experiences of school leaders who have been through it, and includes a step-by-step guide.

Making the most of freedoms

Your school has become an academy, so how do you capitalise on your new-found independence? What freedoms do you have, and how do you exercise them in order to reap the benefits for students? This section sets out what your new status means in practice.